Saturday, November 04, 2023


In this week's issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that the print copy of the newsletter will cease being a thing later this year.

I haven't had the Observer delivered by post in many years. However, I have subbed online ever since Meltzer began offering his weekly journal to online subscribers in the mid-to-latter part of the 2000s.

I wrote about when I first ordered a copy of the Observer in a post last year. So, that right there should prove how important the newsletter has been in my pursuit of knowledge about my favourite form of entertainment.

There are so many other memories I have from the 90s and 2000s where I would wait for the postman to deliver my weekly issue from the European distributors of the newsletter. Most Fridays were placed on hold until the A4-sized manila envelope landed on my doormat.

I'd pick it up, put it in my bag and head off for sixth form college, university or work in order to read on my journeys.

Wrestling Observer Newsletters

The most annoying thing would be if the post was delayed and I would have to wait until I returned home on the Friday evening. Or, in an even worst scenario, the issue didn't arrive until the following morning.

With that said, the Saturday arrivals meant I could watch WWE Raw and WCW Nitro on their Friday night airings without knowing what was going to happen.

Silver linings?

It's the end of an era for many. But, as I hope I've proved above using my own experiences, the memories remain intact.

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