Monday, November 27, 2023

CM Punk Is Back In The Game

There was speculation in the months, weeks, days and even hours leading into last Saturday's WWE Survivor Series, but it was nothing other than that.


So, imagine my surprise when CM Punk's music hit just as the WWE production crew was panning out from what I - and everybody else not clued in - believed to be the final shot of the event.

I was very fortunate because I had moved my Apple TV remote control to another side of my room because my cats had walked over it at least two times during the show. Had I not done that, I could very well have missed the moment occur in real-time.

Punk is back.

CM Punk returns at the WWE Survivor Series (2023)

Back after controversially departing WWE in 2014, which resulted in a court drama (and after-court drama!) and an even more controversial-filled stint in All Elite Wrestling.

There are many people apparently disturbed by the news. Some may have to put their personal feelings aside to do what the pro wrestling game is all about: make money.

And - going by all the aforementioned controversies - money will be made.

Seth Rollins will likely be the first in line. 

The current World Heavyweight Champion has spoken out against Punk, or 'Phillie Phil' as he called his then former colleague in an interview last year. In that same exchange at a WWE press event, Rollins referred to Punk as a 'cancer' to the wrestling industry.

That potentially real feelings by Rollins will now be magnified to the extreme. WWE, and Rollins, have already moved in that direction by having the babyface champion act undignified by aiming a middle finger at the returnee on Saturday night with a 'Fuck you!' thrown in for more flavour.

The Rollins reaction was done off WWE cameras. However, the company is astute enough to know this sort of thing would make its way to the Internet through word of mouth and camera phones.

It worked. Hook. Line. Sinker.

2024 is sure going to be an interesting year for this wrestling game.

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