Saturday, October 07, 2023

Getting Ready For '24

If you regularly browse through this blog, especially during this year of 2023, you may have came across a few posts about the Garbage Pail Kids page-a-day calendar I have been using this year.

With the year nearing its close, I had been eagerly awaiting delivery of the Garbage Pail Kids 2024 page-a-day calendar.

I ordered it in early August. It was due to be released sometime in September. However, Amazon appears to have supply issues. 

As a result, I ended up finding them on the WHSmith website and ordered from there as well.

It came down to waiting to see which retailer would get one to me the quickest.

WHSmiths ended up being the victor. As soon as I received the email stating it was in the post, I headed to Amazon and cancelled my order.

The parcel arrived a couple of days ago. I opened it up to make sure it was the correct product and then put it away ready for January 1st.

Here's what the cover of the box looks like.

Garbage Pail Kids 2024 Page-A-Day Calendar

As you can see, the 2024 edition appears to have an academic theme because it's titled 'Stuck in School'. This year's version celebrated 'Bizarre Holidays'. For example, today's holiday is Bathtub Day.

It has been really cool to tear a page each day. Seeing a Garbage Pail Kid each day takes me back to a time when I would nag my mother to buy be a packet as she walked me to school. I'd be there dawdling behind my mum, with a stick of gum in my mouth, as I browsed through the new cards for my collection.

I'm happy that I have ensured this nostalgia trip will continue for at least one more year.

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