Saturday, September 23, 2023

I've Bought The '89 Wrestling Observer Collection

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has been my favourite sports journal since I first began to read it in the mid-1990s. Its owner and editor - Dave Meltzer - has recently published a couple of books that were an instant buy for yours truly.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter 1989 Yearbooks

I had heard Meltzer mention that a collection of all of the newsletter's issues from 1989 were going to be published. I was alerted to the fact of their publication on Thursday morning when the Alexa device in my living room recommended a new book to me.

Of course I was going to buy this set. After all, 1989 was the year when I was first able to follow the World Wrestling Federation (and a few other promotions for that matter) on a weekly basis due to having satellite TV installed at my home for the first time.

The collection comes in two huge books. The first volume of this set includes all the issues Meltzer published between January and June of '89. The second book contains the bottom of that particular year.

With having only coming across the Observer in the 90s, I haven't read much of Meltzer's work from the 80s, so I very much look forward to diving into these.

The books arrived this afternoon. However, I have been able to read the first issue and a small part of the second with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. The 1989 collection is available to read on this service for free (as of the time of writing).

I purchased the physical copies in order to add to my collection of other books by the writer.

As well as the 1989 books, Meltzer has also brought out the complete collection of issues from 2000. That set is also available in a couple of physical copies and can also be read on Kindle Unlimited. I don't plan on purchasing those books just yet because I already have the actual issues from when they were sent to me on a weekly basis back in the day.

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