Friday, June 09, 2023

Stephen King Journey Update For June 2023

I completed another step in my journey to read all of the books written by Stephen King last night when i finished The Waste Lands. 

The novel is the third in the Dark Tower series that I am enjoying a lot. However, there is a problem.

It looks like I have to get through nine other titles before I reach the fourth Dark Tower, so I have contemplated jumping to all of the Dark Tower books just to get them finished.

The plan was to then resume the King books in order of publication.

That seems easy, right?

Well, as Lee Corso would say: Not So Fast, My Friend!

I looked up a couple of YouTube videos last night and most suggest reading other King books in-between the Dark Tower novels because King's universe goes beyond the Dark Tower and some things will make more sense if you read those books first.

I'm not going to do that. I'm going to stick to reading the books in the order they were released. That way seems far less of a hassle.

Here are the rankings of all the books I've read so far. Yes, you'll see there are a couple I jumped to out of order in 11/22/63 and Fairy Tale.

Stephen King Journey (JUNE 2023 UPDATE)

Next up, according to my checklist, is Needful Things. I'm unsure when I'll get to it because there are a few other books I'd like to get to beforehand.

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