Monday, July 03, 2023

The Bard Radio Project: Senegal

Google's A.I. picked Senegal to be the country I had to listen to radio stations from in this edition of the Bard Radio Project.

Bard selecting Senegal was the easy part. After that, I requested some stations to listen to.

The first station on the list was RFM Radio Futurs Medias. Bard stated that it is 'a commercial radio station that broadcasts in French. It is one of the most popular radio stations in Senegal'.

I was only able to listen to a small part of it. That's because, when I tuned in, I caught a talk show and - seeing as I don't know French - it was impossible for me continue listening.

The second station was also a whiff. 

Radio Senegal Internationale also had a talk show on when I tuned in. 

It was a case of third time lucky when I picked up Radio Teranga. Barely.

Radio Teranga - Senegal

Bard notes that it is 'a commercial radio station that broadcasts in French and Wolof' and 'is one of the most popular radio stations in Senegal'. Its programming includes news, current affairs, music and talk shows.

I caught it when it was playing music. The music was French sounding, but I'm not sure if it was African. It felt European to me. Shazam was no help. 

I tuned in yesterday because I didn't want to end this edition without finding anything worthwhile to write about.

The song which was playing when I tuned into Radio Teranga was religious because the female vocalist sang Jesus' name a few times.

Omemma by Judikay

After using Shazam, I found out that the title was 'Omemma' and its singer was Judikay.

I couldn't find out any more about this gospel song. I guess that sums up this edition well. 

There's a slim chance I'll ever tune into any of these Senegal stations again. Slimmer than slim.

* * *

In the next edition, I'll be scouring stations that are based in China. That was the first place Bard recommended when I asked 'name me the first country that comes to your mind/'

Bard Chooses China

Chinese radio? That should be intriguing.

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