Thursday, February 02, 2023

So, I Watched A Star Wars Toy Auction...

 I spent most of yesterday afternoon watching an auction company selling off lots of Star Wars figures.

The majority of the figures were still in their cardboard boxes from when the original trilogy of films were out.

It came as no surprise to see everything going in their thousands. However, I didn't expect to see items going in their tens of thousands, but that is indeed what I saw on at least two memorable occasions during the multi-hour viewing.

I saw a Princess Leia figure - I surmise with a back card from the first Star Wars movie - go for something like $32,000. Then, after that, I saw a Luke Skywalker - also wearing one of the outfits the character wore in the original - go for either $34,000 or $36,000.

Or was it $38,000?

Maybe it wasn't as 'memorable' as I thought. I appear I was so stunned at the bids that came in that I forgot what the actual closing prices figures were.


Seeing those toys brought back some fond memories from my childhood. I still have many of mine left over from back in the day. However, mine are in no condition to be sold for £3.20 let alone thousands.

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