Monday, February 27, 2023

The Poll

In a short follow-up to yesterday's post - which was about some of the content in Ian Fleming's books being reworded to 'reflect changing attitudes in society' - I noticed that Good Morning Britain debated the subject today.

Unfortunately, I didn't switch in for the debate. However, the post-debate poll result came in and it appears the consensus of viewers took part in the vote were overwhelmingly against Fleming's work being changed by today's publishers.

Only 11% of the voters thought it is a good idea to change what was written in Fleming's James Bond novels which first went into publication seventy years ago.

That says enough to me.

This society is becoming something Ray Bradbury warned us about in Fahrenheit 451. Very, very scary. 

It's a good sign to see 89% of those polls are in this with me.

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