Tuesday, January 17, 2023

1,169 Pages Later

I've recently resumed the goal to read every Stephen King book.

If you recall, I opted to wait until the new year to start reading It. Well - I started on January 5th and finished last night.

I make that eleven days. 


1,169 pages! I don't believe I'll read anything larger within the rest of 2023, so it should remain the 'Longest Book' I'll read in my Good Reads Year in Books.

2023 wasn't the first year I had attempted to read It. I once loaned it from the library (I'll guess it was the late '80s or very early 1990's), but I was far too young to enjoy the story and did not get anywhere with it.

I loved the book. I've given it five stars on Good Reads.

As far as my Stephen King ranking - I felt that, even though it was a mammoth read and the characters were great - I still think The Stand has the better story and characters. 

The Dead Zone remains my second-favourite. Therefore, It lands in third place. 

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