Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Jay Briscoe

I've noticed a trend. I've written about this trend in the past. I'm sure to do it again in future. 

It goes like this: I wake up, I turn to Twitter and see a message waiting for me. That message is informing me of a passing.

This morning, the time was close to 3:30AM. I looked at the message.

Jay Briscoe is dead

My first thought was 'wow'. Following that came an expletive response to my friend.

Jay Briscoe

The wrestler - a huge name in Ring of Honor alongside his brother, Mark - was tragically killed in a car accident yesterday.

I'm totally stunned as I write this because there were other people in this crash. One other fatality and two others in critical condition (one report I read stated that there was a paediatric . I cannot stop myself from fearing that the other passengers were Briscoe's wife and children.

It's devastating.

1:49PM Update
I've just been shown a Facebook post from Jay's wife, so she is not the other fatality.

She is asking for prayers for one  of their daughters, who is being operated on. Their other daughter has some 'serious injuries' as well. 

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