Tuesday, December 27, 2022

12 Pays Of Christmas 2022: The Result

As has become an annual tradition, I played one of the National Lottery's Advent scratchcards over December and finished it on Christmas Eve.

Here's how it looked after all the windows had been removed.

12 Pays of Christmas 2022

You'll notice that, under 'Game 8', I had two hollies to win £5. 

So, I didn't lose this year. With that said - I didn't 'win' either!

One of the things I disliked about the 2022 version of the card is the numbers were in sequence rather than in a different arrangement like regular Advent calendars. I chose to scratch the card in different ways to try and have it like it was originally meant to be played.

I didn't scratch off the winning window until December 11th. Had I done it the new way, I would have found it three days sooner. 

My way, or rather the proper way, was the best way. I'll do the same thing if the cards are produced in a similar way next year.

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