Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Thumbs Down To Greggs Vegan Festive Bakes

On December 1st of last year, I posted what has become an annual tradition on this blog - a picture of my first Greggs Festive Bake for the year.

I closed it out by noting that a Vegan Festive Bake had been introduced by the well-known British bakery company and said I wanted to try one.

Well, I didn't get around to do it last year. However, I got to buy one yesterday.

Vegan Festive Bake

It'll be a cold day in Hell, with pigs flying high, when I eat another one.

It tasted crap. 

I thought they were meant to taste like a faux regular Festive Bake. I was wrong because it did not remind me of one in any way whatsoever. 

I'm not trying to be controversial. I have loved plenty of vegan foods in the past. I even like Greggs' Vegan Sausage Rolls. A Vegan Festive Bake is just not a good substitute for the proper thing.

Give me a proper Festive Bake any day.

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