Wednesday, November 16, 2022

I'm Enjoying Andor

There is one episode left in season one of the Star Wars series - Andor - and I have to say I am very surprised at how great this programme is.

It's a prequel of the Rogue One movie which was about how the rebels stole the information about the Death Star which ultimately leads to the events of the first Star Wars movie (Episode IV: A New Hope).

Andor focuses on one of the main characters from the movie.


Upon hearing the programme was in production, my interest levels were quite low. A series about Cassian Andor seemed kind of dull on paper. 

Oh, how wrong I was.

I'll be straight up, though. It took me a few episodes of Andor to realise how great this series really is. The casting is superb, the story has a lot of depth to it. I come out of each episode looking forward to the next one. 

It's definitely recommended. Even to people who don't follow Star Wars and are just interested in a spy/espionage thriller. 

Andor has also made me look forward to another series in production - The Acolyte. Set in the Star Wars universe (100 years before the events of Episode I), its genre is listed as a 'mystery-thriller'. I had the same thoughts about this project as I did with Andor but look where I am now.

According to IMDB, The Acolyte will premiere in August of 2023.

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