Monday, July 18, 2022

Rating Drink Powders IX Redux

On July 1st, I published a ninth edition of the 'Rating Drink Powders' series that I've ran on this blog since the middle of 2021.

In the post, I wrote about my experience sampling Starburst's Fruit Punch drink powder. At the time, I was a few days into a Covid outbreak and realised - in the midst of writing - that I could not taste the drink at all.

I think it's only fair to redo the post now that my smell and taste have returned. Here goes.

Starburst Fruit Punch Drink Powder

Well, it does have have a flavour that I didn't taste back when I had lost the two senses. However, there isn't THAT much of a difference.

It still tastes more watery than flavourful. 

I'm going to have to give it one star. I'm really surprised because Starburst's Blue Raspberry drink is my favourite of all the drinks powders I've ever tasted. 

It's disappointing. I expected better due to the high opinion I have on the blue offering from Starburst.

Looking at it from a positive point of view - at least it tastes better than it did on July 1st!

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