Friday, July 01, 2022

Rating Drink Powders IX: One More Punch

I bet you didn't think you'd get to read another Rating Drink Powders post so soon after the eighth edition just a couple of days ago.

Well, this isn't really your usual Rating Drink Powders post because I only have one flavour to try out today.

I have tasted everything I've wanted. All I have left is Starburst Fruit Punch.

Starburst Fruit Punch

Seeing as I have only the one to try, I'm going to test the flavour live.

I've just put the powder into the bottle. It has made the water a dark red colour. It's now time to taste.

Hmm, I don't taste anything. I don't know whether or not this is because I am currently ill with coronavirus but I have been able to taste other things...

This is really off-putting because I cannot taste a thing. It just seems like red water. It absolutely cannot be Covid because I've been able to taste up until now.

I'm going to have to wait until another time to give this flavour a rating. It does not seem right that I cannot taste something from a brand that offers my favourite ever flavour of a drink powder in its blue raspberry offering.

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