Tuesday, June 14, 2022

G1 Climax Expands

New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Climax is coming up very soon and the promoting of the month-long tournament began over the weekend during the company's Dominion show.

The participants were revealed in a video clip. That's what normally happens. There was a difference this year, though.

For the first time in over twenty years, there will be more than twenty participants.

G1 Climax 32

The video initially teased that it would be the usual twenty grapplers with ten in each block. However, the image changed and eight more shadows were added.

I haven't looked into how the blocks will work this time. I suppose it will be four blocks with seven wrestlers in each group and then there will be a playoff between the top wrestlers in each block.

Something similar happened in 2000 when they had four blocks of five wrestlers. I surmise that is what will happen this year albeit with two more names per group.

It's going to be a long summer!

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