Tuesday, May 10, 2022

More Neighbours Returnees Revealed

More Neighbours characters have been revealed for the show's final furlong later this summer.

I noted recently that Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue will reprise their roles as Scott and Charlene Robinson. As well as that, Ian Smith - who plays Harold Bishop - and Peter O'Brien, last seen in the mid-80's as Shane Ramsay - are also on their way back.

The new announcements feature over twenty names. One I was happy to see was Joe Mangel. He is certainly one of my favourite characters from the early period of the soap.

Certain characters who have recently departed, like Roxy and Kyle Canning, will be coming back. As will Ned Willis, whose departure storyline is playing out on British screens as of the time of writing.

Here are the characters I've seen mentioned. I might have missed out one or two, but here goes:

Charlene Robinson
Scott Robinson
Elle Robinson
Andrew Robinson
Harold Bishop
Shane Ramsay
Joe Mangel
Des Clarke
Joel Samuels
Mal Kennedy
Angie Rebecchi
Callym Rebecchi
Yashvi Rebecchi
Izzy Hoyland
Paige Smith
Chris Pappas
Elly Conway
Amy Williams
Lauren Turner
Ned Willis
Kyle Canning
Roxy Canning

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