Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Cheltenham Festival 2022: Day 2

Following on from yesterday, when I ended the day +2.20 up from betting on the races at the Cheltenham Festival, I'm back with the bets I've placed for today.

Scarface - The only reason why I've gone with this 66/1 horse is because Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) passed away on Monday. Those of you who follow pro wrestling will know that his Razor Ramon gimmick was inspired by the Tony Montana character. Considering the odds, I thought it would be best to waste a free £5 bet by punting £2.50 each-way.

Update: The favourite, Sir Gerhard, won. Scarface didn't place.

Bravemansgame £1 each-way
Ahoy Senor £1 each-way

Update: Ahoy Senor finished second to return £2.25. Bravemansgame was withdrawn, so I received my stake back.

Ashdale Bob £1 each-way
Call Me Lord £1 each-way

I placed the above two wagers with a betting firm that is paying each-way bets to 8 places rather than four.

Update: Ashdale Bob finished third. That returned £5. The race was won by 50/1 Commander Of Fleet!

Nube Negra £1 each-way

Update: Nube Negra was a non-runner, so my wager was returned to me. The winner was Energumene.

Diesel D'Allier £1 each-way

Update: Diesel D'Allier placed. It returned £3.20.

Sky Pirate £1 each-way
Before Midnight £1 each-way
Buddy Rich £1 each-way

Update: Buddy Rich and Before Midnight were non-runners, so I had my money back. Sky Pirate came nowhere near. Global Citizen won at odds of 28/1.

Redemption Day £2.50 each-way Free Bet

Update: Facile Vega won the race. No place for Redemption Day

Wednesday Update
What a weird day due to some of the horses I picked ending up being withdrawn.

I spent £18 in total and ended up with £18.45 back. Madness!

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