Monday, February 07, 2022

So, I Watched The Pro Bowl Last Night...

Before last night, I couldn't recall the last time I had watched an NFL Pro Bowl game.

After last night, I know why.

I chose to watch the game, featuring the best NFL players from each conference (unless they were ruled out due to playing in this week's Super Bowl, injured or - simply - couldn't be arsed to attend), and I have to say - it was the worst American football game I've ever seen.

Tackling was at a minimum. And when I state that, I mean it was close to zero.

I know that the Pro Bowl is meant to be a time of celebration for those honoured players coming off a gruelling season, but they all made it seem pointless. If they can't play football, as the fans in the stands and back home watching on TV are expecting of them, then is there any point in the Pro Bowl anymore?

Yes, player safety is a concern and there's a good reason for the lax approach to a game with nothing on the line. Yet, I repeat: is there any point in the Pro Bowl?

It seems like a waste of time. 

For everybody.

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