Saturday, February 26, 2022

Yet Another 'Codeword Puzzle

It has been a while since I've done a codeword puzzle 'live' in one of these posts. Therefore, I've decided to pick one from an upcoming issue of a puzzle book.

Codewords Puzzle

Before I even begin, it's one of the puzzles which starts off with no starter words. However, there are two shaded words which contain the name of the person who is featured on the grid.

The picture is the easy part. It's Dan Aykroyd. 

Time to start the timer to see how long this takes me.

Codewords Puzzle

'Yep, it's definitely Dan Aykroyd.

Codewords Puzzle

As you can see, it took me twenty-one minutes and twenty-three seconds to complete it. This is slightly above my target of twenty minutes. Still, not so bad.

The puzzle appears in the issue of PuzzleLife's Family Codewords which comes out next week.

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