Monday, August 30, 2021

2021 Fantasy Draft Thoughts And Grade

It's always the same old story when it comes to the draft in the NFL Fantasy league I am a member of.

I go in with an idea. Or, on most occasions, having studied a bit from the magazines I've purchased ahead of the draft. However, as soon as I am on the clock, I throw all my plans aside and just act like a kamikaze.

Yesterday's draft was no different.

I had the second pick in this year's draft. That, I would guess, is because my team was abysmal in 2020. 

The first rule I had was to pick a few running backs in the earlier rounds. Then worry about wide receivers before I even considered picking up a quarterback.

It started off well.

With the second overall pick, I chose the Tennessee Titans' running back, Derrick Henry. From there, I saw a lot of players I wanted picked by other teams in my league. It was here where the game plan to start off with running backs went awry.

My second pick was Atlanta's wide receiver - Calvin Ridley. I followed that up by taking the second-best ranked quarterback on the board - Arizona's Kyler Murray.

To punctuate just how far my game plan had deserted me - or vice versa! - I went with the third best quarterback on the list - Buffalo's Josh Allen.

I figured I might get some trade value with either he or Murray if I needed it during the season.

I played it as straight as I could from there. Once the draft had completed, I awaited the email from the NFL which rated how I did. The mail arrived this morning. This is what it wrote:


My draft grade was a C. They then went on to project that I will go 0-15 in 2021!

I'm going to prove them wrong.

Here are the players I chose in order:

  1. Derrick Henry (RB) Tennessee
  2. Calvin Ridley (WR) Atlanta
  3. Kyler Murray (QB) Arizona
  4. Josh Allen (QB) Buffalo
  5. Josh Jacobs (RB) Las Vegas
  6. D.J. Moore (WR) Carolina
  7. Chase Claypool (WR) Pittsburgh
  8. Robert Tonyan (TE) Green Bay
  9. DeVonta Smith (WR) Philadelphia
  10. Devin Singletary (RB) Buffalo
  11. A.J. Dillon (RB) Green Bay
  12. Indianapolis Colts (DEF) 
  13. Corey Davis (WR) New York Jets
  14. Zack Moss (RB) Buffalo
  15. Jason Sanders (K) Miami
That team is not going 0-15. I can guarantee that!

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