Sunday, May 23, 2021

22 On The 23rd

I am going to spare a thought for Owen Hart today seeing as it's the twenty-second anniversary of that tragic night when he fell to his death during the WWF Over The Edge show.

As today is a Sunday, it hits me even more considering Sunday May 23rd 1999 is the date.

I can vividly recall that Sunday night as if it had just happened. Well, it was technically Monday morning for me. 

I remember the stunned feeling when Jim Ross was keeping us informed of the accident and then Jerry Lawler returning to the broadcast table with this look on his face. His 'it doesn't look good at all' punctuated the expression.

And then, later in the show, Ross was back on screen to inform us that Owen had died. 

I ran upstairs. In shock, My dad was working the night shift, so it was only my mother and sister at home. I woke my mum and told her what had happened. The first thing she asked me was 'have they stopped the event?' and it was here where I realised how even more messed up everything was.

They had continued with the show even though Owen had died.

I woke up the next morning in haze. Sure, it was a post-PPV morning, I always felt out of sorts. This one was a lot different. I still remember going to the Teletext or Ceefax on my TV (this was before we had the Internet at home!) and reading the story. 

Even more random, I recall picking up a copy of a newspaper supplement from the day before to see that Snoop Dogg had released a brand new album. That surprised me considering it had only been eight months since his last release.  

I couldn't concentrate in the lessons I had that day. I do recall my Law teacher bringing it up with one of my classmates. That was quite surprising because I didn't know that either of them followed pro wrestling. And it was quite late in the school year to talk WWF/WCW/ECW with those two because that was the final week of college for us. 

What a way to remember my last week in my most favourite place I studied at, eh?

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