Friday, May 07, 2021

The Dream Job

Every once in a while, I find myself in dreams where I am back working at the restaurant I spent my late-teens and early twenties working in.

Some might think heading back to a place of stress would be a nightmare. Not me. I enjoy finding myself back in that environment. Even though it's fantasy.

I did another shift there in the middle of Wednesday night.

It was probably the most craziest restaurant dream I've had because I came across A LOT of things that I had forgotten about.

There was a customer who wanted to pay by cheque. He left it unsigned and I had to fill it in. That was the easy part. I then had to find the machine to swipe the cheque and its guarantee card. In real life, I remember my manager throwing it away in a bin because he no longer wanted to accept cheques.

It was at this point that very same manager popped up in the dream. He was wearing street clothes. I told him that 'wow, you're here as well.. it's like an old school reunion here'.

The duty manager was struggling to find the missing machine. I had to go back to the customer to try and see if he could pay in a more convenient way. While I waited for him to work out what to do, I was called by patrons on a neighbouring table. They wanted to be served. 

That was something I disliked about some customers. Yelling out to us while we were in the middle of serving another table. It happened quite often on the busy days. And it was our job to be polite amidst the rude impatience. Acknowledge them. Give them hope. We'll be there soon.

Some colleagues I hadn't even thought about in many, many years also made cameos in the dream. I have to admit that - yes, even though it was all in my mind - it was cool to see them again after so many years. The fact that they were in the dream must have meant that my memory had kept a place for them somewhere in that brain of mine.

The dream came to a halt when a lady with a pram did something that frustrated us. She walked beyond the hosting stand and sat herself down. I woke up before I had to politely tell her she had to wait to be seated. To be fair - I left at the right time. 

Those customers who didn't observe the unwritten 'do not pass the host' rule were often the troublesome ones.

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