Saturday, April 24, 2021

Back To The Virtual Baize

I played online poker for the first time in ages last week.

It was in a £5.50 bounty tournament with a prizepool of £1,000 (if I recall correctly).

The fact that it has taken me a week to write about it should be a huge indicator to point to how unsuccessful the return was.

I made it to the first break, I saw some terrible calls. As I typically would have done back in the day, I made sure to point one of those bad calls even though I wasn't even in the hand. 

I can't even recall how I was eliminated. That sums up the game, and my interest in wanting to write about it, to be fair.

There might be another game played in the future. 

But, it won't be the near future. 

Online poker is a pastime that lost its shine with me a very long time ago.

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