Friday, April 23, 2021

In Or Out?

I noticed a hashtag trending on Twitter this morning, so had a look what it was all about. It resulted in me questioning something.

The hashtag of note is #crispINcrispOUT and it has Walkers crisps asking people whether they put crisps in their sandwiches.

It doesn't look like they're asking whether they have a plain crisp sandwich. It appears to be asking if they add crisps to another kind of sandwich, for example - cheese and pickle or something.

The question made me smile because, only the other day, I noticed my nephew placing a few Kettle Chips inside his  cheese and ham sandwich and I thought to myself 'I wonder what that tastes like?'

I didn't attempt to try it. I suppose that makes me #crispOUT. However, I am #crispIN if we're talking about having a sandwich with nothing but crisps. I have eaten one of those on the rare occasion.

The best 'crisp sandwich' - or rather a 'potato snack sandwich' because they're not really crisps - is one that I make with Wotsits. 

A Wotsits sandwich beats a regular crisp sandwich hands down. 


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