Thursday, April 29, 2021

Draft Day 2021

It's draft day.


As I repeat every year, I see the draft as being one of the earliest indicators to tell me that the season is almost here. Well - 'almost' is being very generous, isn't it?

I plan to watch at least the first three picks live and will then resume once I wake up tomorrow morning. 

The reason why I am keen to see the first three selections is because I have a bet on Mac Jones to be the third player drafted. 

As it stands, and it'll unlikely change considering they've traded up to get this pick, the San Francisco 49ers will be in position to select him.

If he's still available that is. 

To be fair, it looks strongly like Trevor Lawrence will become the Jacksonville Jaguars' new quarterback by going one overall followed by Zach Wilson who is projected to the New York Jets' latest QB project after shipping Sam Darnold off to Carolina a few weeks ago.

Fingers cross that Jones goes third. I have £12 riding on it.

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