Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Another Football Betting Idea That May Not See The Light Of Day

For what seems like every year - at this time - I come up with a betting idea for football and say to myself 'damn, I should have done that every week of the season just to see how it would have fared' only to forget all about doing so when new seasons begin months later.

I've had another idea like that lately. And this time, I really might go ahead and have a go. For experimental purposes, obviously.

The plan is going to be somewhat crazy and I have to be strict with which games I focus on, but I am thinking about doing a weekly bet builder wager with three selections covered.

The three things I am thinking about doing are: Over 2.5 Goals, Both teams to score in both halves and a red card.

It's going to lose a lot more than it'll ever win, but I am thinking about doing this each week and sharing the game and result here on the blog. 

That's the idea for now. Whether I'll follow through in August is another thing entirely.

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