Thursday, April 22, 2021


I had my first vaccine against COVID-19 yesterday morning.

I'm writing the post hours after having it and the only side effects I have experienced - as of the time of writing - is a very slight pain in my arm. Before that I had some tingling in my index and middle fingers of the arm I had my jab.

I dislike having needles. With that said, the worst part about having jabs - in hindsight- is the build up to it. Once I'm about to have one, the adrenaline kicks in. I end up walking away wondering why I was so worried. 

I had the same thought yesterday as I trudged off, post-jab, to sit for fifteen minutes before I was allowed to exit the vaccination centre.

My second vaccination hasn't been set yet. I'm sure to feel the anxiety as I usually do in the build up to an injection, but have a feeling it could be a heck of a lot easier now that I've ticked off dose one.

COVID-19 Vaccine Record Slip

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