Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Zeros To Heroes 2021

There is a reminder on my phone that is set to go off on June 4th. It is going to tell me 'Don't forget to do a Zeros to Heroes blog post for the 2021 NFL season'.

I don't need that reminder now.

The reason why is because you are currently reading the Zeros To Heroes blog post for the 2021 NFL season.

For those unaware of what I am going on about, here's what I do. 

As I prepare for the upcoming season, I take a look at all of the teams that have finished at the bottom of their respective divisions and see if they have appointed a new head coach. If they have, I have a bet on them.

For 2021, there are five teams that qualify under my rules. Those franchises are: Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles.

What I usually do is place the teams into a multiples bet. I have done that once again. This time, they're all in a 25p a line Lucky 31 which comes to £7.75. 

As well as the Lucky 31, I have also put £4 on each team individually.

The selections, along with their prices, are:

Atlanta Falcons to win NFC South 9/1
Detroit Lions to win NFC North 22/1
Jacksonville Jaguars to win AFC South 13/1
New York Jets to win AFC East 13/1
Philadelphia Eagles to win NFC East 13/5

I am planning to write a reminder when we're nearer to the season. If I forget, the next post about this betting idea will be a look back to see how it fared once the season has concluded.

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