Friday, January 08, 2021

Betting On The FA Cup Third Round (2020/21 Season)

One of the things I forgot to do last year was bet on the third round of the FA Cup.

It simply slipped my mind. I've made sure to have a go this year even though the pandemic could scupper a lot of games. There have been postponements announced already.

I've spent the first part of today doing what I always do and that's place all the teams in one giant division starting with the Premier League table and then add - in order - the Sky Bet Championship, League One, League Two and the Conference (I should refer to it as the National League).

Once the entire table is complete, I take a look at the league position differences between both teams and see how big of a divide there is between the two sides. For example, the Stockport .vs. West Ham United game has a schism of eighty-six league positions which would make the Premier League's Hammers a stronger side than the National League's Stockport County.

FA Cup Third Round Betting

After looking over the differences, I browse the betting markets to see whether anything stands out to me to have a gamble on.

I've gone with the following five teams in a Lucky 31 multiples bet.

1) West Ham -1, -1.5 Asian Handicap
2) Leeds United -1, 1.5 Asian Handicap
3) Swansea
4) Millwall
5) Derby

I've probably chosen the wrong year to start this back up again after forgetting to do it in 2020, but we'll see how it goes.

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