Thursday, January 07, 2021

Four Years

One of the last things I watched before I fell asleep last night was a woman shot dead.

I am of course referring to the person who was one of the many protestors who trespassed on the Capitol building in Washington yesterday in defiance to the news that Joe Biden will indeed become the next US President.

I never usually write about politics on this blog, but the past few months - ever since Biden won the election - has been one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen politcally.

You have, or rather had, a president misusing social media to stir up crap by claiming that there was election fraud going on. 

You also had the social media platform not doing enough to stop these inciteful messages being relayed. 

It was only when things made a major turn for the worse - with an insurrection and fatalities - the platform decided to block the president's account for a few hours.

Had it been any other person sending messages to stir up trouble, they would have been gone. Forever.

'Make America great again', he said.

It took four years to make it worse.

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