Wednesday, December 02, 2020

David Prowse And The Baddest Baddie

David Prowse

I was very sorry to read that David Prowse had passed away.

Prowse was the man who donned the menacing costume of Darth Vader for the first trilogy of movies that were created in the late-70's and early 1980's.

As a child growing up during that time, Darth Vader was THE villain. 

In a weird coincidence, I've found myself thinking a lot about the Dark Lord of the Sith recently because I purchased the soundtrack to The Empire Strikes Back a little over a fortnight ago. 

Each time I've listened to the album, I have found myself travelling back to my childhood eating jam sandwiches as Luke Skywalker battled Darth Vader in the final scenes of Empire.

The fight eventually led to the revelation that Vader was Luke Skywalker's father - Anakin.

The Empire Strikes Back is Darth Vader's movie. The audience learns more about him and sees him at his menacing best. As I've written many times - on this very blog - over the years, The Empire Strikes Back is the best film in the Star Wars franchise.

There's no question that the man in black is a big reason why I enjoy the film the most out of the nine chapters.

Prowse's performance under the costume achieved the goal of making Vader the baddest baddie in cinema at that time.

With that said - it could be argued that Darth Vader is the baddest baddie in cinema of all time..

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