Monday, November 30, 2020

Doing A C....

If you've been visiting this very blog within the last three months, I'm sure you may have came across a weekly series I've ran in which I've picked out a Criss Cross (or Kriss Kross) word fit puzzle out of a book or magazine and timed myself.

The other day, when doing my online grocery shopping, Asda recommended a different kind of puzzle magazine when I was ordering the latest issue of Criss Cross.

I had never heard of Codewords puzzles before. Seeing as the mag was relatively cheap (£1.75), I thought I'd add it to my order.

After its arrival, I opened the mag. I finally found out what a Codewords puzzle was and my immediate thought was..

Sod that!

Codewords Puzzle

A codewords puzzle looks like a crossword. However, each box is numbered. Each number represents a letter of the alphabet and it is then up to the person trying to solve the puzzle to work out what each letter is in order to make up the words to complete the square.

I put the magazine down and carried on with the rest of my day. 

The following morning, I thought I would give the first puzzle a go.

I expected a lot of mistakes on my first attempt, so didn't bother to time myself. Neither did I use a pencil.

Here is what the finished puzzle looked like:

Codewords Puzzle

A couple of days after completing the first, I decided to have a proper go. This time, I would time myself and go all out by using a pen. If I messed up, so be it. 

Codewords Puzzle

Forty-one minutes and fifteen seconds later, I had a completed puzzle with no apparent mistakes.

Codewords Puzzle

Despite my initial thought that these puzzles were too hard for me to attempt, I found myself surprised that I was able to complete them. 

And I'm even more surprised that I'm actually looking forward to trying more!

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