Sunday, July 19, 2020

Buying And Selling Turnips: Week 13

I have decided that this will be the last week of keeping a weekly track of the turnip buying and selling on Animal Crossing.

The reason is because it has kind of become somewhat monotonous to keep a weekly record. I might do one-offs here and there, but - as far as doing it weekly - this is it.

Sunday July 12th AM
After an extensive search around my island, which seemed like almost half an hour, I managed to find Daisy Mae wandering along the beach.

97 Bells For Turnips

She was offering the turnips at 97 Bells apiece. 

I have a feeling this will be a week of a big spike, but I still opted to only go with 500 turnips. One reason being I couldn't be bothered to get more Bells out of my savings. I used what I had in my pockets.

To make this even more interesting, seeing as this will be the last weekly turnip post, I am NOT going to use the turnip projection website at all this week. 

I'm going in and out of this blind with the aim of making over 48.500.

Monday July 13th AM
The week has started off with an offer of 85 Bells. 

I am tempted to use the turnip projector, but I'm sticking to my guns.

Monday July 13th PM
Timmy and Tommy wanted turnips for 81 Bells each this afternoon. A drop from the 85 Bells from this morning.

Tuesday July 14th AM

77 Bells

They offered 77 Bells this morning. Is it another decreasing week?

Tuesday July 14th PM
74 Bells! This is worrying. Especially with me not having the projector to guide me along the way.

Wednesday July 15th AM and PM
This morning's offer was 70 Bells. Therefore, it was another drop. The descent continued when I visited this afternoon as Timmy and Tommy wanted turnips for 66 \Bells per item.

If I had a larger amount of turnips, I would have certainly decided to offload them at this stage because there doesn't appear to be any sign of a rise. 

I'll go to the end. 

Or until I have something that appeals to me.

Thursday July 16th AM
62 Bells. Hmm.. this is not going well at all. I really should sell...

Thursday July 16th PM
The offer has now fallen into 59 Bells.

Friday July 17th AM
Now we're down to 56 Bells. It's going to be yet another 'decreasing' week. I am sure of it. I'm not selling until Saturday afternoon at this rate.

Friday July 17th PM
Unsurprisingly, the offer was lower than this morning. This time, Timmy and Tommy were willing to pay 52 Bells per turnip. I would have sold by now had I been using the projector.

Saturday July 18th AM
It dropped again.

49 Bells Turnip Offer

I am sure I would have jumped by now had I used the turnip projector.

Saturday July 18th PM
This afternoon's offer was 45 Bells. I had to sell my stock for the 22,500 Bells.

22,500 Bells

The week was yet another 'decreasing' one. I ended up losing 26,000 Bells.

I hope you've enjoyed following my turnip adventures (and misadventures!) over the past thirteen weeks. As mentioned above, this will be the final weekly turnip buying/selling post. 

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