Friday, July 17, 2020

Channel 4 Not Finishing Something It Started

Ever since the autumn of 2013, I've followed the adventures of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD on TV channels owned by Channel 4 over here in the UK.

Many hours were spent watching this programme. Most times I enjoyed it. Other times not so much. But I continued watching. I didn't quit.

The current season is airing in the USA. It will be the final one. Knowing that the programme is in its seventh and final season, I checked in with Channel 4 to find out when episodes will make their way back to British screens.

I wasn't the only person looking for the information. I found a few people on Twitter eagerly anticipating news about season seven.

They didn't get a good reply.

Channel 4 informed them that there are no plans to air the final season on any of its channels.

What a waste of time it feels right now to have invested all that time watching the programme on Channel 4 only for the broadcaster to not run the concluding season.

Channel 4 has let down the fans.

I guess I'll end up watching it somehow. Hopefully Disney Plus, but - as of right now - the streaming service doesn't even have season six, so there might be a wait.

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