Thursday, July 16, 2020

Mini Cheddars Memories

I found myself eating Red Leicester flavoured Mini Cheddars last week. It resulted in me taking a trip down Memory Lane.

Mini Cheddars Red Leicester

Mini Cheddars are biscuit snacks that have been around for most of my life. They're miniature versions of the cheese biscuits called Cheddars because, well it's kind of obvious but I'll continue, they taste of cheddar.

The Red Leicester flavour is new to me. I don't know how long this variety has been around, but last week was the first time I tried them. They're nice, but not as appealing as some of the flavours I remember from my childhood.

And that's really where the visit down Memory Lane began. I started looking up older flavours of Mini Cheddars just to see whether they're still being produced.

Here's what I found.

This is obviously the old school version of the snack and is still around to this very day. I used to have them in my school lunchboxes now and again. However, it wasn't my favourite flavour back in the day. 

Marmite flavour Mini Cheddars was my fave. It doesn't look like it's around anymore, but this was my go-to Mini Cheddar offering whenever I wanted some. I wish I could get a packet of them.

BBQ Beef
I can't remember this flavour at all. It isn't the same, but I have tried the 'Smoky Barbecue' flavour regular Cheddars and it's nice.

Branston Pickle
I vaguely recall there being a Mini Cheddars with a Branston Pickle taste. It was kind of like the way they had the Marmite logo - and flavour - with the Marmite edition. I cannot remember whether I liked them or not. 

Cheese and Onion
I remember the packaging, but cannot recall eating them!

Ham and Cheese
I 100% remember having this flavour in my school lunchbox and I 100% recall it being second only to Marmite. It's a shame this flavour is no longer available.

Mature Cheddar
Another flavour I can't recall. I'd a hazard a guess that it was like the original but stronger. 

My search for old flavours of Mini Cheddars resulted in me checking out the current varieties and boy are there intriguing flavours out there right now. This might be something I'll revisit in the future.

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