Sunday, June 14, 2020

Plane Tracker

For the last week, I've been playing around with a new app I downloaded on my iPhone. 

First, I'll get to why I looked it up.

On Sunday afternoon, I was in the garden listening to the radio and there was a guest on. I cannot recall why he was on, but he mentioned that there is an app that you can take a photo of a plane flying in the sky and the app will then tell its user what kind of plane it is, where it is flying from and to and all other sorts of information.

Seeing as I was outside, and there are planes occasionally flying overhead, I thought I would seek it out.

I'm unsure whether it's the exact app the gentleman was talking about as I did find a few. However, going by what you can do with it - like take a snap of a plane to get the info - it looks like I have what he was referring to.

It's called Plane Finder. There's a free version and a subscription edition, but I opted for the former because I don't know how long it'll be before my interest wears off.

For now, though, it's a great app.

Plane Finder App

The image above is the first screenshot I took on the app. The plane was a bit far off from me, but I thought it was quite surreal to see that there was a plane headed to a place I know - or rather knew - in Hahn, Germany where I spent a couple of summer holidays back in the 1980's when I uncle worked on a US air force base in in that area of the then-known West Germany.

Here's a screenshot I have from a few days later. This time I was able to track a plane that was flying from London Heathrow to Newark, New Jersey.

The only thing that I haven/t really been able to do is take the photo of a plane and get all the details. There's little point in me trying this approach because - by the time I hear a plane above me - the map already has it on the screen. The photo thing is possibly best for those who live in an area where there's a lot of plane traffic and want to differentiate which one is which. 

Plane Finder App

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