Thursday, July 02, 2020

Selling Turnips: Week 11

For the past number of weeks, I've published weekly updates about my adventures buying and selling turnips on Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch. 

It has been fun to keep track of my performance, but I thought I'd do something different this week and cover the week of attempting to sell my turnips in diary form.

Monday Morning (June 29)
As you can see in the image below, I've kept the five thousand turnips I bought on Sunday close to the shop to ensure a smooth delivery once I have a decent offer from Timmy and Tommy.

Selling Turnips: Week 11 Monday Morning

I made my first visit moments after taking the picture above. The offer was 81 Bells. Not good enough right now. I need anything over 94 Bells per item.

After the visit, I put the 81 offer into the turnip projector. It is suggesting that there is a 62.4% chance of a large spike sometime this week. I'll need to keep checking into Nook's Cranny and getting offers to get a better gauge on when the big spike will take place.

It should be worth noting that the projector has given 31.2% chance of my offers lowering across the days and there being a 6.37% chance of there being a 'Small Spike'.

For now, I look ahead to the afternoon visit. It looks like the offer will range from 76 to 132 Bells.

Monday Afternoon (June 29)
The prediction turned out to be accurate because Tommy offered me 77 Bells. 

Animal Crossing Turnip Offer

I have put the 77 offer into the projector and it is pointing to a large spike coming along somewhere between Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon.

As for tomorrow - the projection for the morning visit is 72 to 132 Bells. 

Tuesday Morning (June 30)
It was another spot on call from the turnip projector as this morning's offer was 73 Bells. That's one out yet again. 

Turnip Offer

The projector has now given the 'Decreasing' trend a 38.8% chance. That is looking like what's happening. However, it has the 'Large Spike' at 55.5% so I will ride it for the time being.

Thursday afternoon to Friday  afternoon is where it currently points to big numbers. 

As for this afternoon, the prediction is 68 to 132 Bells. If I were a gambling man (yeah, okay), I'd guess that - going by the trend - the offer could be 69 Bells. If so, I might be in trouble as it would be another decreasing number.

Tuesday Afternoon (June 30)
The afternoon offer was close to my guess of 69 Bells. It was 70.

I have a feeling this is going to be a 'Decreasing' week. I now have a 50.6% chance of a large spike and it's 44.3% on the offers falling every time I visit.

If it's going to be a good week, Thursday and Friday will be when the fortune comes. Apparently.

Wednesday Morning (July 1)
Things have gone downhill. Again.

Animal Crossing Turnip Offer

This morning's offer was 66 Bells per turnip.

I've keyed the number into the projector and it has now flipped to giving this week a 'Decreasing' one. The chance of it being one is now at 51.4% while the one that was in the fifties yesterday - 'Large Spike' - is now at 44.1%.

The afternoon offer will confirm it. 

As it currently stands, the 'Decreasing' forecast for after midday is 61 to 64 Bells. If it lands on any of those numbers, I am confident that this will be where I'll have to take the hit and sell. 

The large spike projection is 85 to 132 Bells. If the offer is in that range, then I will hold on, but - as I sit here right now - I am sure this will be a bad week.

Onto this afternoon!

Wednesday Afternoon (July 1)
My fears turned out to be accurate - the afternoon offer was 62 Bells per turnip.

After finding out how much Timmy and Tommy wanted, I had a look at the projection website and it had given the chance of it being a 'Decreasing' week at 61.4%.

The offers for the rest of the week had a guaranteed minimum of 57 Bells while the guaranteed maximum was 60 Bells.

Even though 35.1% was given to the chance of there being a large spike, I thought it was not worth the gamble any more.

It was time to sell.

I offloaded the turnips for a return of 310,000. That's a loss of 160,000 Bells. Without a doubt, it is the worst hit I have ever had with this turnip selling lark.

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