Monday, June 29, 2020

Buying Turnips: Week 11

On Animal Crossing yesterday, Daisy Mae did what she usually does on a Sunday and visited my island in order to sell turnips.

I did what I usually do and bought some.

Actually, I did more than buy 'some'. 

I bought what I would consider a lot of them, when contrasted with the amount I usually end up with after a meeting with Daisy Mae.

Buying Turnips On Animal Crossing (Week 11)

As you can see, the character was offering the veggies at a price of 94 Bells each. 

I initially ordered two thousand, but then had a change of mind. I dropped the turnips I had in order to make room in my pockets.

I was going on a spree. And then some.

Buying Turnips On Animal Crossing (Week 11)

In the end, I made a couple more visits to Daisy Mae and ended up with a total of five thousand turnips that are now ready to be sold on this week.

Anything above 470,000 will turn(ip) a profit. Something I failed to do last week.

Buying Turnips On Animal Crossing (Week 11)

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