Monday, July 06, 2020

Trying Out Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

If there is one thing you'll learn from my posts about Animal Crossing, it'll be that I am very new to the game.

A thing you won't know, but will by the end of this post, is that - even though I knew about Nintendo Amiibo cards - I had never ventured into that part of game playing.

Well, not until recently.

For those who aren't completely aware what they are - and remember, I don't know THAT much either - they are cards/standees that can be held beside controllers to get extra things on certain games.

I found out that Animal Crossing has its own Amiibo cards. It's possible to get a card with a character on it and then have that character visit your island.

There was a character I had my eyes set on, but couldn't find their card available on Ebay. However, I did find a bird named Lucha that looks like a Mexican wrestler. 

I had to buy that card.

Animal Crossing Amiibo - Lucha

And so I did.

It cost me a fiver.

Once the card arrived, I scanned it above my controller and Lucha became a visitor to my island.

Despite a few attempts, he didn't become an island regular.

Lucha Visits Animal Crossing Island

With the one-card experience under my belt, I thought I'd purchase a packet of cards from Game. I can't recall exactly how much it cost, but it was somewhere in the region of £12 and £14.

Here's what the packet looked like when it came through the post a few days later.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Packet

Remember I paid between £12 and £14 for the cards? Well - I thought I would get more than what I had in them.

Three cards came in the set.

The first Amiibo was of Blathers. He's the museum's curator, so I don''t see the point of having his card as I already have him as a resident on my island.

Animal Crossing - Blathers

It got better. I think.

The next card was of Paula. A character I haven't seen in the game before, so I guess that was a result.

Animal Crossing Amiibo - Paula

The third, and final, card in the packet was of an.. err.. animal named Beardo. To be fair, I think he looks cool. However, I doubt I would have bought him if I knew what I was buying.

Animal Crossing Amiibo - Beardo

I haven't invited any of the new Amiibos to my island. Yet. When I do, I might try and coax them to become island regulars. I'm unsure how successful this will be considering I couldn't get Lucha interested in making the move.

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