Thursday, May 14, 2020

Selling Turnips: Week 4

If you read Tuesday's Post, you'll know that I bought some more turnips from Daisy Mae on Animal Crossing in the hopes of selling them off for profit later in the week.

You'll also know that the turnip projector predicted that Tuesday afternoon would be the high point of the week for me to sell.

Well - after checking in with Tommy and Timmy in Nook's Cranny on Tuesday morning, I was offered 200 Bells per turnip. 

I bought eight hundred at 107 Bells on Sunday, so this would have been a profitable sale. However, after putting the 200 in the projection machine, it still suggested that Tuesday afternoon would be the ripe time to sell. It guessed I would get an offer of between 214 and 642 Bells per turnip. 

Most importantly, it guaranteed that I would have lower offers for the remainder of the week.

I checked back after midday on Tuesday and here's what the two animals offered me.

485 Bells Per Turnip On Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Yes, after predicting an offer in the range of 214 to 642, I was offered 485 Bells per vegetable.

It was an easy choice - I left the store, returned to my home and loaded my inventory with all eight hundred turnips from Sunday.

I sold them all to get 388,000. If my calculations are correct, that's 302,400 profit.

I can now sit back and wait until Sunday morning when I repeat the process...

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