Friday, May 22, 2020

Selling Turnips: Week 5

As I wrote earlier this week, I bought one thousand turnips from Animal Crossing's Daisy Mae when she was visiting my island on Sunday.

The amount I spent was 103,000 Bells because each turnips was going for 103 Bells.

From there, it was time for me to play a waiting game to see when Timmy and Tommy - in the Nook's Cranny shop - would offer me a better price to buy them from me.

However, and as I mentioned in the post at the top of the week, Nook's Cranny spent Monday having a refurbishment. Therefore, I lost a day of potential sales. It also meant I was unable to do the turnip projection machine properly as I was working without any figures for Monday.

My plan was simple - sell as soon as I was given an offer greater than 103 Bells per turnip.

I got that on Wednesday afternoon when they offered 116 Bells per turnip.

Nook's Cranny Turnip Offer

That's 13,000 more than I laid out on Sunday.

Profit is profit, I guess. 

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