Saturday, May 23, 2020

Double Coverage

Every few years, I find myself wondering about a comic book that my cousin showed me when I was staying with my relatives on a US Air Force base in Germany back in 1988.

The reason why it springs to mind is because this particular issue was unlike any other I had seen before.

It was a copy of The Spectacular Spider-Man 138. It has Spidey being punched by Captain America and kicked by another character.

Here's what it looked like:

Spectacular Spider-Man

After opening the book, we were met by the following:

Spectacular Spider-Man

Yes, there was a printing error and the issue my cousin owned had an extra cover stapled to it by accident.

Back then, I wouldn't have had pound - or should that be Dollar, considering where I was? - signs in my eyes. Neither did my cousin as he would have brought it up to me and I wouldn't have forgotten that.

All I do whenever the thought comes to me is wonder what price that comic would be to a collector looking for a unique edition like that.

I don't even know if he kept the issue in a good condition, so there's no telling what kind of price it would be nowadays. 

There must surely be a market for this kind of printing error, though!

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