Sunday, May 24, 2020

Rex Leaves

This week saw the first villager leave my island on Animal Crossing.

Here's how it went down - a few days ago, Hamlet - the hamster that was there with me from day one - came up to me and told me he was thinking of leaving.

I didn't want an island original to walk out on me, so I told him to stay. However, I did so with an idea in mind - I was going to allow whoever came up to me next with a similar request to leave.

Days later, Rex the Lion came up to me and said he was thinking about leaving. I wished him well.

And then the bloody character gave me a wrestling costume and I immediately regretted the decision.

Rex on Animal Crossing

Rex was the first animal I invited to the island, so - in hindsight - I should have kept him. I liked the way he would call me 'cool cat'. It reminded me of Carole Baskin from The Tiger King.

I visited Rex on his last day. He was packing up. Here's how our interaction went:

Rex on Animal Crossing

Rex on Animal Crossing

Yes, it is all a game.. but, I'm gonna miss that cool cat.

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