Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Watching Golf

I never thought I would ever write the following sentence, but here goes:

I watched the golf on the telly on Sunday night.

It wasn't a regular televised golfing tournament, though. It was a charity event which saw Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning team up to play Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady.

I wouldn't have been interested in watching had it not been for Manning being involved. 

I wrote about The Match: Champions For Charity  a little over a week ago and mentioned that I had bet on Woods and Manning. Well, I won that bet as the team was victorious. 

That isn't to say I had a completely successful night of betting because I backed Woods and Manning to win the first hole at 3/1. It was a tie. Therefore, I took an L.

The game aired on CNN over here in the UK. It was meant to have started at 8PM BST, but there was a rain shower in Florida, where the event was being held. The delay meant it started later than planned. I didn't watch all eighteen holes as they were only half-way through the course at midnight.

Tom Brady surprisingly had a great shot. I have to admit, it was the highlight from what I watched of the game.

I didn't think I'd ever write a sentence praising Tom Brady for something, so that's another surprising sentence in this post!

Over twenty million Dollars was raised for the event, so that was great. 

By the way - another highlight from the weekend was seeing that Peyton's brother - Eli - has now joined Twitter. One of his tweets made the air during Sunday's event.

Peyton Manning - The Match

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