Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Turnips: Week 5

The following post was written on Monday morning with the aim of going live at 12AM BST on Tuesday

I bought more turnips from Daisy Mae on Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Sunday morning.

The character was selling them for 103 Bells and I purchased 1,000 of them with the hope of selling them on for profit this week.

I had a large spike last week, so am hopeful of a repeat this week. However, I have a slight problem that could have been a roadblock to a highly profitable week.

The shop I sell the turnips - Nook's Cranny - had its renovation yesterday. Therefore, the shop was unavailable for a day. This obviously means I was unable to check the turnip prices for  Monday and I fear this will cause a slight problem when I try to use the turnip selling projection website to guess when the best time will be to offload my vegetables.

I've had to put zero in the AM and PM offers for Monday because of the construction work being done on the new store.

Animal Crossing Turnip Purchase

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