Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Another Home And Away Story In The News

I've just read an article about Home and Away. It's one again a doom and gloom piece that states that the show could be on its last legs due to actors being given twenty percent pay cuts amidst falling ratings.

The main theme of the article, however, points out how the Coronavirus outbreak has affected filming and airings as it was taken off the air for a few weeks in Australia.

Bush fires and real-life family issues were also given as reasons for filming being delayed.

I've already written about how the recent pandemic we find ourselves facing has been taken down to two episodes from five (a week) here in the UK to try and keep a distance between Oz's broadcast times.

The article also hints that the show might end up going two a week down under until things start to get better in the world.

My fingers are crossed that the show doesn't end. In my opinion, it's the best soap ever. Not just in Australia!

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