Thursday, April 23, 2020

Turnip Troubles Are Over (For Now!)

The Animal Cross: New Horizons turnip trauma - that I wrote about on Tuesday - is over.

For the next few days, anyway.

If you read the post on Tuesday, you'll be aware that there is a part of the game in which a character sells you turnips on a Sunday. It is then the players' job to try and offload the vegetables to a village shop before the following Sunday. Otherwise it's rotten turnips for zilch.

The trick is to sell when the prices per turnip are higher than what you paid for them. You can take a gamble and wait, but it's a risk.

After purchasing over one thousand turnips on Sunday, I made frequent visits to the shop to see what prices they wanted them for. I was offered really low numbers until yesterday afternoon when the first high-end offer, contrasted with the 105 Bells I paid for each turnip on Sunday, was 112 Bells.

Therefore, I was going to make a return of seven Bells for each of my turnips. I thought I'd gamble.

But then I thought I'd check Twitter and noticed someone had a shop offering 435 Bells per turnip. She allowed me to visit her island to offload my turnips. I gave my host a gold nugget for her trouble. I don't really know the game well enough, but hope that was an adequate tip.

It was the first time I had visited an island from another real player, so was cool to be able to do that and take advantage of their hospitality by selling the turnips.

Today will be day thirteen playing the game. It's such a brilliant escape from all the quarantine quagmire we're all in.

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