Monday, April 20, 2020

2 New Scratchcards

I had £10 under the scratchcard I played today, so thought I'd check out the National Lottery website to see if they still produced £10 cards that I could buy when I cash in today's winner.

It doesn't look like they do. However, I found a couple of new £1 scratchies that will be on their way to a shop near me.

National Lottery Quids In and Win £50

I like the look of the first one best.

There are three play areas. There are six coins in each area and, if the coins - in the respective area - adds up to over £1, the player wins the prize. The jackpot is £5,000.

The 'Win £50' scratchcard has three lines. If the player matches two symbols on a row, they win the prize for that line. The top prize for that game is £50 (OBVIOUSLY!).

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