Friday, November 08, 2019

Disney Plus Gets A UK Release Date

Disney has announced the UK launch date for its streaming service.

Disney Plus, which will come out in the USA and some other countries this month, will make its way to these shores on March 31st 2020.

The news also had a asterisk of sorts as the announcement, via the official Twitter account, had a 'Please note: Titles may vary by territory'. This is likely due to other TV companies - like Sky - having the broadcast rights to air certain programmes and films in our country.

It isn't THAT much of a wait. There are plenty of things to keep me occupied until then.

Speaking of which, and this also involves a Disney-owned product, I found out yesterday that Vince McMahon's American football league - the XFL - has signed an international broadcasts rights deal to air ALL games over the ESPN Player streaming service here in Europe.

This means that, for me, I'll have weekends watching American football beyond February's Super Bowl and into late-April when the XFL season is planned to end.

I write 'planned to end' just in case it folds mid-season!

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